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Scalable gaming virtual dedicated servers for your growing servers, network, or community.

The performance you need. The value you want. A Ready2Frag Gaming VDS sets you apart from the competition by providing a high-quality network, fast hardware, and 24/7 hands-on support.

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SSD Gaming VDS

Our Gaming VDS services are powered by KVM virtualization, Intel Xeon E3/E5 processors, and pure RAID-10 SSD storage.

RAM vCPU IPv4 IPv6 Storage Bandwidth OS Price Order
2GB 2 Cores 1 /64 60GB SSD 4TB Linux $15/mo Order
3GB 2 Cores 1 /64 90GB SSD 5TB Linux $20/mo Order
4GB 4 Cores 1 /64 120GB SSD 6TB Linux $25/mo Order
6GB 4 Cores 1 /64 160GB SSD 8TB Linux/Windows $36/mo Order
8GB 4 Cores 1 /64 240GB SSD 10TB Linux/Windows $48/mo Order

Awesome performance

SSD storage, 3.2+ GHz CPUs, 1Gbps network.

99.99% uptime

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime, backed by SLA.

24/7 in-house support

Dedicated 24/7/365 support, here for you.

Full control

Full root-level access to your SSD cloud server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have any questions about our VPS service? Chances are other people have too - read on!

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers allow you to have dedicated and guaranteed CPU, RAM, SSD storage, and bandwidth resources on a server truly dedicated to you. With increased security and performance, our Gaming VDS offer everything you need to host your favorite game servers.

When you order a Ready2Frag VDS, you are given the choice between Managed and Unmanaged. A Managed VDS will remove your root access to the server, replaced by access to your own TCAdmin v2 or Multicraft panel (your choice). You are able to create any supported game server of your choice with these control panels.
Unmanaged VDS operate much like traditional VDS/VPS services with root SSH and SFTP access granted to you.

In terms of game stability and compatibility, a Windows VDS will offer a much greater selection of games.
Meanwhile, a managed Linux VDS will offer a more limited selection but generally better performance for those games. We only allow Source-based games and Minecraft servers on our Linux VDS.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive - a flash memory based hard drive with no moving parts. This innovative storage tech allows for data transfer in the hundred of megabytes per second and up to 100,000 IO operations per second. In addition to the incredible speeds, SSDs also offer generally higher reliability, resistance to vibrations, and resistance to heat than traditional hard drives. All of our SSDs are set up in RAID-10, offering both better performance and local data redundancy.

We offer an entirely SLA-backed guarantee of 99.99% uptime, but have historically achieved far greater. Our entire infrastructure is designed for reliability, even in the event of fiber cuts, power outages, or natural disasters.