Sneaker Servers

Our Chicago-based low-latency network makes it easy to buy the kicks you want. With less than 1ms ping to most major shoe stores through our peering agreements, you can rest assured that you'll get the shoes you want at the speed you need.

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Virtual Sneaker Servers

Our Windows VPS and hands-on sneaker bot installation will get you online fast, without breaking the bank. Virtual servers feature full remote access, dedicated RAM/SSD storage space, and Windows Server OSs.

Server CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth OS Price Order
MINI 2 x 3.2+ GHz 2GB RAM 50GB SSD 1Gbps / 4TB Windows Server 2012 $30/mo SPECIAL
SMALL 3 x 3.2+ GHz 3GB RAM 75GB SSD 1Gbps / 6TB Windows Server 2012 $40/mo Purchase Now
MEDIUM 4 x 3.2+ GHz 4GB RAM 100GB SSD 1Gbps / 8TB Windows Server 2012 $50/mo Purchase Now
LARGE 8 x 3.2+ GHz 8GB RAM 150GB SSD 1Gbps / 10TB Windows Server 2012 $75/mo Purchase Now

Dedicated Sneaker Servers

With fully dedicated resources, our Windows dedicated servers will get you online with the absolute perofrmance and incredible multitasking power you need. Host multiple bots without a problem! All dedicated servers can be customized and upgraded!

Server CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth OS Price Order
E3-1230v2 8 x 3.3 GHz 16GB DDR3 RAM 240GB SSD 1Gbps / 10TB Windows Server 2012 $99/mo SPECIAL
E3-1230v3 8 x 3.3 GHz 32GB DDR3 RAM 240GB SSD 1Gbps / 10TB Windows Server 2012 $119/mo Purchase Now


We use the latest hardware and premium networks to deliver the best possible performance.

Full Control

You'll get full Remote Desktop connection and control over your server; do what YOU want!

Great Value

We're proud to offer our services at fair prices, without cutting corners and never sacrificing quality.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Never be worried about your server going down - our 99.99% SLA-backed uptime guarantee has you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question about our sneaker servers? We've got your answer.

NO! The speed of the connection has almost no bearing on your ability to buy sneakers. Your bots and software don't have to download the same images, pictures, and extra data that desktops do. Therefore, latency matters most - and we're proud of our networks' performance, achieving less than 1ms ping to most major stores and manufacturers.

The answer is simple - we understand the importance of reliability, speed, and low latency. Game server customers expect the best possible latencies and speeds from our servers to their global audience, and we can bring that same network expertise to other markets, such as sneaker servers and forex trading.

We guarantee a 99.99% power, network, and cooling uptime, all backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Historically, we've achieved far more (99.999+%) for the vast majority of clients, and are always quick to respond should an issue come up.

VPSs come with a single IP address by default, but you may order more for a small extra cost. Dedicated servers come with 5 usable IPs by default, and more can be ordered as needed.

VPS clients are offered the Virtualizor control panel as well as Remote Desktop Access, making it easy to access and control your server. Dedicated server clients are offered IPMI (power & BIOS management) and Remote Desktop Access. Remote Access is always Administrator-level, allowing you full control over your server's Windows OS.