Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

The Ready2Frag Service Level Agreement applies to any client located in our Chicago, IL 603 Discovery Drive Facility. As of March 9, 2021, this includes all current customers.

Hardware Replacement

Ready2Frag will replace faulty hardware within 4 hours of confirming that the issue is caused by the Hardware. The time taken to troubleshoot the issue is outside of the SLA.

In the event we are unable to replace the faulty hardware within 4 hours you will receive 5% of your monthly cost per additional hour up, but not exceeding one (1) month worth of service.


Ready2Frag guarantees network uptime of 99.99% per month. Our network is powered by the latest technology and the best brands consisting of Cisco and Juniper gear. We also deploy Fiber to the top of every rack to ensure your experience with our network is the best possible. Note this excludes scheduled maintenance.

In the event you experience less than 99.99% uptime of the Ready2Frag network a credit can be requested. Network downtime is defined as the inability to transit/receive data due to the failure of our (Ready2Frag's) owned networking equipment.

We will provide a 5% credit to the affected account for every 15 minutes of downtime. The maximum credit issue will not be greater than 1 month worth of service. Downtime is measured from the time the ticket is opened and any SLA credit request must be requested within 48 hours of the issue being resolved.


Ready2Frag will offer 100% power uptime to all redundant power customers, and a reasonable guarantee of uptimes to non-redundant customers.

In the event of a power outage, redundant power customers are entitled to receive a 5% credit for every 20 minutes of downtime, but not exceeding one (1) month worth of service.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is extended to direct clients. We are not liable for downtime caused by a reseller of our service.
  • SLA claim tickets must be opened with our billing department within 48 hours of issue resolution.
  • Your account must be in good standing for at least the past 3 months to request a credit.
  • Services suspended by Ready2Frag will not be eligible for any claims.
  • Issues outside of Ready2Frag's control including but not limited to software issues, acts of god, and failure outside of our network are not eligible for credit.
  • Ready2Frag reserves the right to deny any SLA credit. All SLA claims will be investigated and considered.
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