Dedicated Minecraft Servers

We know what it takes and means to run a Minecraft server or network. We've run our own - and hosted many others, including Lifeboat MCPE, TheArchon, DatPixel, SkyblockHub, and more!

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Minecraft-Optimized Servers

Our Minecraft-optimized dedicated servers feature the processors, disk storage, and RAM you need to succeed as a Minecraft host, server, or network.

Our Chicago, IL location offers fantastic latency and speeds to the United States, Canada, Mexico, annd Western Europe.

Minecraft Dedicated Servers are ordered via support ticket. Simply mention what server you want and our 24/7 support will get back to you ASAP to set up your order!

Server CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price Order
Intel Xeon E3 1231v3 8 x 3.4 GHz 32GB ECC DDR3 2x 128GB SSDs 10TB $99/mo Purchase Now
Intel Xeon E3 1230v5 8 x 3.4 GHz 32GB ECC DDR4 (Max 64GB) 2x 128GB SSDs 10TB $109/mo Purchase Now
Intel Core i7 6700K 8 x 4.0 GHz 32GB DDR4 (Max 64GB) 2x 128GB SSDs 10TB $119/mo TOP SELLER!


Hardware that doesn't give up. We use only enterprise-grade hardware designed for 24/7/365 operation.

Full Control

When we say dedicated, we absolutely mean it - the whole physical server is under your control.

Great Value

We bring a mix of fantastic quality, reliability, performance, and value to every customer.

No Compromise

Our experience in the Minecraft hosting industry will benefit you and your players, always.

Looking for something smaller? We offered shared Minecraft hosting too.

High performance Minecraft server hosting from only $3/month, maximum 8GB RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question? We've got your answer.

The E3-1231v3 is a fantastic starting place for any server, offering a great balance of value and power. The E3-1230v5, in the real world, gains about 9% total performance over the 1231v3. The i7-6700K is our top seller and a top performer, offering up to 16% higher overall performance than the E3-1230v5. Your needs will vary depending entirely on your server, mods/plugins installed, how many players, and what those players are doing!

Yes we do! We're able to install Multicraft or TCAdmin v2 for you for a small extra charge. We'll gladly install Java, the control panel itself, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin for you - along with our large collection of JAR files and optimizations.

We guarantee a 99.99% power, network, and cooling uptime, all backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Historically, we've achieved far more (99.999+%) for the vast majority of clients, and are always quick to respond should an issue come up.

We've partnered with Psychz Networks for DDoS Protection, a leading brand in the game server hosting world. We offer two types of mitigation: On-Demand, which re-routes traffic to a scrubbing center only when an attack is detected, or Always-On which routes traffic consistently through Psychz's Ashburn scrubbing center. Always-On, while more expensive, offers greater overall stability - especially if your server gets attacked on a regular basis.

If that's not your cup of tea, we'd recommend using a 3rd party mitigation provider - we've had fantastic results in the past with the great folks over at ProxyPipe! Just let us know if you're using 3rd party ddos protection and we'll increase your server's resiliance threshold to prevent null routes.

All dedicated servers come with root-level SSH access, basic client area monitoring/management, and Supermicro IPMI access behind a secure VPN. If you order a control panel, you will also be given full superadmin privleges and login information for Mulicraft/TCAdmin v2 as well as for phpMyAdmin.

Don't see the server you need? Contact sales!

We can build any server you want, guaranteed. Thinking of ordering more than one server at once? You may be eligible for mass order discounts - reach out and we'll be glad to work with you!