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Really love your Ready2Frag service and want to make a bit of cash? Our new affiliate program makes it easier than ever to refer your friends.

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Refer new customers to Ready2Frag and get paid.

Just use your unique affiliate link so we can track sales and payments.

It's easy to be an affiliate.

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Benefits of being an Affiliate

How it Works

It's simple, really - you give your link to the person you're referring (or hyperlink it in your blog/article/post), and everything is automated from there on out. All you need to do is sign up!

The Cut You Get

We've upped our affiliate game - you now get 10% of the monthly income of each customer you refer. Use it to pay for (or upgrade) your own services - or get paid directly after 60 days.

How Much Money Can You Make?

There's no limit to your earninngs. As long as your customers don't refund or chargeback their payment in the first 30 days, your affiliate payout is guaranteed. Minimum payout of $50.

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Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Many of our affiliates use their earnings to pay for or upgrade their existing services. However, we're also happy to pay you directly after 60 days and at a minimum level of $50.

People tend to trust recommendations from friends, families, experts, or colleagues. If you love our services, ask your friends, coworkers, or users to check us out and reap the benefits!