About Ready2Frag

Ready2Frag is composed of a passionate group of gamers and industry professionals that aim to provide the best possible service at the best possible prices. Our staff team is driven to push innovative ideas, create an awesome user experience, and offer the best possible service to our dedicated and supportive clients.

A Brief History


Now, we're proud to call ourselves the official hosting provider of the largest MCPE network on the planet, and a rapidly growing and expanding provider. We're currently in talks to expand to the West Coast and Europe, and look forward to being able to better serve the global community.


2015 was an amazing year for Ready2Frag.

We continued to launch new services, upgraded our DDoS Protection, launched a new website, and continue to improve on our existing services.


We ended 2014 on a very high note, and looked forward to an amazing 2015.

Over the next few months, we experienced massive and sustained growth that allowed us to continue to grow, improve, and optimize our services for the benefit of our clients.

Ready2Frag was founded on April 20, 2014, as a DBA of HostVenom LLC. From the very start, we resolved to offer the best possible service at affordable prices.


We make an active effort to remain at the forefront of reliable, high-speed technologies and are always looking to improve our hosting infrastructure. We pledge to put forth a reasonalbe and sustainable effort to keep our hardware and infrastructure updated with changes in technology.

We are proud and excited to partner with some of the best data centers and networks in the business to offer simply awesome services at simply awesome prices.

More About our Network & Infrastructure

We're hiring!

Support Representitive

Remote /Part-Time /Multiple Payment Options

We're looking for dedicated support representatives to join our growing team of industry professionals. We pride ourselves on supporting a very open and hands-off working experience, allowing our staff to find the methods that work best for them with only minor directives.

You'll be expected to have experience in WHMCS, Multicraft, TCAdmin v2 (optional), a helpful/friendly attitude, be fluent in English, and be of legal part-time working age in your respective state or country.

Pay is determined on a case-by-case basis, determinant on industry experience, negotiation, and skill in reliably supporting our customers' needs. Since we don't schedule hours at this time, salaried or hourly pay is not an option. All pay will be based on a contracted flat payment rate.

If you're interested in getting your start at a small but quickly growing company, please submit your resume to our Head of Operations, Wyatt T, at: wyatt[at]ready2frag[dot]com.