What is a Dedicated Server?

15 August 2017

So you've always been fine with traditional web hosting, shared game servers, or virtual private servers. You've seen hosts offering dedicated servers, but what makes a dedicated server different than other forms of hosting?

Simply put, dedicated servers are just that - physical server computers dedicated entirely to you. You get full root-level access, access to power on/off controls, and have fully dedicated resources. Dedicated servers installed with Windows Server operating systems offer full Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access, allowing you to use the Windows UI as if it were your own computer. Dedicated servers with Linux operating systems generally operate via SSH and SFTP access - command line and file transfer protocol respectively.

Users, webmasters, projects, and online communities often find a need for dedicated servers as they grow. If you're outgrowing your current small-scale shared hosting (web hosting, VPS, cloud) and need the best possible performance, a dedicated server might be the right choice for you.

Don't know much about SSH, SFTP, or general server management? We're able to install many of the control panels you already know and love for a small extra fee - including cPanel, phpMyAdmin, DirectAdmin, SolusVM, Virtualizor, Multicraft, McMyAdmin, and TCAdmin.

We're proud of our "Made in New York, Hosted in Chicago" heritage. As part of the HostVenom LLC family of brands, we're proud to own our hardware and IPs in a premium Chicago, IL datacenter. We've provided services to large game server networks and businesses such as Lifeboat MCPE, TheArchon, SkyblockHub, and many more.

If your app, website, community, or project is seeking a new dedicated server, we'd love the opportunity to help. Check out some of our dedicated server plans or contact support for more information.