Ready2Frag: Our New Look

15 August 2017

Sometimes, you've just got to try something new to stand out. We're taking this to heart at Ready2Frag, adopting a new look and a new focus for the rest of 2017 and on to 2018!

Since we launched our service in April 2014, we've always done incredibly well in the dedicated server hosting business. With our renewed focus on dedicated servers and virtual private servers, we're looking forward to diversifying and taking a new strategy for the rest of 2017 onward.

As a part of this change, we're also changing up our website, online identity, and social media outreach. We're looking to become a more generalized, friendly, and trustworthy brand for all our awesome customers - even those outside of the gaming industry. We feel that our knowledge and expertise in the game server hosting field lends itself well to many other industries, especially those that are highly latency sensitive like sneaker buying, forex trading, small business servers, web hosting, and media hosting.

Since game server customers expect the best speeds and latency at a fair price, we only use high quality networks and data centers to deliver great hosting services. In our case, we use the Steadfast Networks 725 S. Wells facility in Chicago. Its proximity and connectivity to Chicago's largest internet hub and exchange, 350 E. Cermak, allows for fantastic global latency and speeds for game servers, forex trading, sneaker buying, and much more.

Too long, didn't read? Here's the short version.

  • New website design and strategy.
  • Focusing more on Dedicated and VPS.
  • Expertise in game servers is good for other industries.

We're proud of our "Made in New York, Hosted in Chicago" heritage. As part of the HostVenom LLC family of brands, we're proud to own our hardware and IPs in a premium Chicago, IL datacenter. We've provided services to large game server networks and businesses such as Lifeboat MCPE, TheArchon, SkyblockHub, and many more.