What Makes Premium Minecraft Hosting?

24 January 2018

As you search for your next Minecraft hosting partner, you're faced with hundreds - if not thousands - of different companies, choices, and tiers of service. Many companies choose to focus on price, some focus on quality, and some even offer budget and premium choices.

So what are the differences in your average budget Minecraft host and your average premium Minecraft hosting service? Please note that, while many of these ideas and conclusions ring true, we cannot and are not providing a blanket statement. There will always be outliers on both ends of the spectrum.

Budget hosts often start off by using budget hosting providers - think providers such as the ever-popular OVH. Many Budget hosts and Budget tiers of Minecraft hosting will have fewer features, more limitations, hard drive storage instead of SSDs, more servers per node, limited locations, and many other factors to consider.

Some budget hosts will also limit the support and customer service you're offered - and as a reality of business, lower profit margins mean less resources to hire customer service agents. As such, many (though not all) budget hosts will have lower-end, slower, or perhaps even nonexistent customer service for everything but the most severe problems. Always do your research - look up real reviews, ones that are honest and strike you as true. Paid reviews are often quite obvious to spot.

On the flipside, premium hosts will generally offer higher performance hardware, more locations, better customer service, more features and freebies, and a better overall experience. We would generally define "premium" as hosts costing $5 or more per GB of RAM. In the modern hosting environment, hosts charging $10 and above for Minecraft services are making extremely large profit margins and should be expected to provide some of the best service in the industry. The reality is that costs for the hosting providers are trending down, and are certainly exponentially less than costs were back in 2013.

The only real exceptions - that is, hosts that should be given a bit of a pass - for charging more than $10 per GB is those hosts that choose to offer services out of the Asia-Pacific, including locations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Melbourne.

We hope our little write-up helps you select your next hosting provider. If you have any questions or need advice, we'd love to help - just contact support/sales and get any questions answered!

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